The Most Dangerous Stress Related Diseases

Stress related diseases are becoming more and more common. After all, not only are people working longer hours, but they have more to distract them in their day to day lives. It is important to deal with one's stress so that such diseases do not develop. The following are some of the more dangerous or destructive stress related diseases that people may experience.

Blood Pressure
Stress affects one's blood pressure as much as one's state of mind. Thus, stress occurs on a day to day basis for quite some time, a person can develop high blood pressure. This condition can lead to heart disease, and this in turn can lead to heart attacks and to strokes. Thus, it is imperative to notice the signs that you are stressed so that you can work on coping mechanisms.

Immune System
Another dangerous side effect of stress is that it lowers a person's immune system. Thus, you will find that you get sick much easier than if were not stressed all of the time. A suppressed immune system can be incredibly dangerous the older you get: it can keep the body from fighting off serious ailments or diseases. Something simple like pneumonia can become so serious that it becomes life-threatening. Additionally, if you are diagnosed with cancer, your body will be less prepared to fight the condition because your immune system will not be in fighting shape.

What many people do not know is that stress can also result in infertility. This can affect both men and women. For example, if you suffer from chronic stress, you could stop producing sex hormones like estrogen or testosterone or could even have testes or ovaries negatively affected.

If you do not deal with your stress, depression may occur. This is more than feeling sad - you may develop the inability to produce necessary hormones. Thus, the depression could become so inhibiting that a person is unable to rid herself of anxiety, make her lose her appetite and even become suicidal. 

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Stress is inevitable. The physical effects of chronic stress differ among individuals as well as between the genders, however we're all at risk for developing stress-related illnesses if we don't take steps to reduce it.

Signs of stress should serve as red flags for the stressed and their loved ones. What might seem like just a little pressure could lead to significant, health-altering changes.

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Know the causes of stress and how to spot the signs and symptoms and you will be better equipped to cope with what comes your way.

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