Stress Management in the Workplace

Stress management in the workplace is one of the best tools you can learn - rare is the worker who doesn't experience workplace stress from time to time. In fact, one of the top reasons people decide to leave a job is due to the amount of stress it causes in their life.

While virtually no job is completely stress free, there are some ways to reduce the stress level at any job. It pays off for employers to be proactive in trying to assist workers to reduce stress, as overstressed workers result in reduced morale and productivity.

Many times employees are stressed out because they are overworked. Employees can help themselves out of stressful situations by tapping into resources and utilizing skill sets and talents of other staff to help alleviate stressors through delegation.

Managers should be trained to delegate responsibility and staff should be trained to work with managerial staff as a unified team. Team building can easily be fostered by implementing a rewards system.

Workplaces should adopt and encourage healthy lifestyles and overall wellness. On the job, this mindset should include proper safety training. Workspaces should be evaluated to be sure they are ergonomic in design to prevent on the job injuries, which can lead to stress.

Fitness or wellness programs are also a great way to better employee health and stress management in the workplace. These programs involve anything from nutrition support to a lunch-hour exercise class.

Another way to help improve employee health and encourage team building is to organize a company sports team. This is a nice way for co-workers to bond in a relaxed environment outside of the office.

Employers can reduce stress loads of workers with families by adopting family-friendly policies to help with stress management in the workplace. Companies with a family-friendly outlook make it easier for employees to cope with their personal life. When a workplace recognizes family needs, it reduces stress both at work and at home.

Individuals should do their best to maintain a positive attitude. Don't micromanage every little detail. Just do your best. Have realistic expectations. Don't expect everything to turn out perfectly. And, when it doesn't, have a sense of humor about it, then pick yourself up, brush yourself off and try all over again.

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When the pressure's on, it's even more important that you put yourself first. Applying simple stress management techniques like controlled breathing, exercise and maintaining a healthy diet can help reduce your stress and the risks it poses to your physical and emotional well being.

Feeling stressed? Meditate. Health professionals now strongly encourage stressed individuals to turn to meditation as a form of stress relief.

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You're sitting in heavy traffic, late for your daughter's soccer game and your two preschoolers are having a shouting match in the backseat. Your daughter is complaining, "Why are we always late?" Your heart rate is rising and your muscles are tense.

Coping with stress requires a conscious effort each day. Take time out for yourself, even if only for 30 minutes, to focus reducing stress.

Instead of turning to unhealthy habits, consider natural, good-for-you ways to increase your energy.

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