Mind over Body in Healing. Using an Object as Therapy

One part of medicine that is often ignored in the cold sterility of the hospital is healing of the human spirit. The power of mind over body is phenomenal; stress and anxiety can slow the healing processes of the body, while optimism and faith can speed that process greatly, and slow the process of chronic illness. Anyone who is depressed knows that aches and pains are symptoms of this condition, whereas someone with high confidence and optimism rarely complains of minor pain. This is an example of positive energy at work.

Mind over body therapies require that the patient be open and have faith in its ability to work. This sort of therapy should be used in conjunction with regular medicine and never be used as a sole source for healing. While surgery and medication will treat the body physically, mind over body therapies simply help put the person into the proper frame of mind for healing to occur more readily. In the case of chronic illness, it can help put the person into the proper frame of mind to live a longer, more fulfilling life.

This article will concentrate on focusing positive energy into an object. The object must hold a strong value for the patient. It doesn?'t matter what it is, as long as it is something the patient can keep with them, in the hospital and out. 

For example, this therapy was used on a very cynical, depressed man who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, when exposed to Agent Orange in Viet Nam. The illness was terminal. Due to his cynicism, the technique needed to be sincere or he would have no faith in it. Sincerity is very important. Mind over body requires that the mind completely believe in the therapy so that the body will react in kind. 

This man kept a collection of bottle caps with a picture of a red dog on them. The item chosen for the therapy was a stuffed toy dog, which matched the bottle caps. It is very important that the item be something near and dear to the patient?'s heart. This choice alone can make or break the sincerity of the effort.

Once the item is chosen, find all the friends and family you can who are willing to participate. The best way to do this is to have a small get-together, but you can also seek them out and do it with them individually. Each should go alone into a private, quiet area with the object for 15 minutes. There, depending on their own level of comfort, they can do one or all of these things:

  • Imagine filling the object with well being, well wishes, and healthy thoughts.
  • If religious, pray into it.
  • Visualize into it. Remember the patient as they were, when they were happy and healthy and full of life and exuberance.
  • Try to fill the object with strength, love, energy and positive thoughts.
  • Just sit with the object for 15 minutes.

Create a hand-made card and explain exactly what was done with the object; then have everyone who participated sign the card. Give the card and the object to the patient.

In the result of this example, the man was deeply touched and moved by the effort put into this therapy. He carried the dog with him everywhere he went, and he lived 5 quality years longer than any of his doctors were willing to predict. Along with the chemotherapy and medicine, it had some power of healing for him. He took that gift right to his heart.

Please remember that superficial attempts at this sort of therapy can easily be seen through. It?'s the sincerity that counts. Really take the time to fill the object with your love, well wishes, and prayers, don't just say you did. Using the power of mind over body, the mind has to truly believe in it in order for it to work. The patient needs to believe that by holding the object close, it will radiate the positive energy you have filled it with. This is the same sort of energy that comes from prayer - a gathering of people to pray for someone.

Although some people may scoff, but there is no harm in using alternate forms of therapy such as this. Surgery and medicine do help heal the body, but without a healthy spirit, the actual healing will not take place as quickly or effectively. The power of mind over body can be used as a great tool in healing.

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