What Is B12 Good For

Wondering what B12 is good for?  This water-soluble vitamin is a key nutrient because it supports healthy red blood cell and nerve cell development and function. Proper DNA development is dependent on vitamin B12, making this an essential nutrient for pregnant women in particular. The following medical conditions may benefit from B12 supplements or a vitamin B12-rich diet:

Because vitamin B12 is such a key factor in developing healthy red blood cells, nerve cells and DNA, all pregnant women need to be taking supplemental B12. Most prenatal vitamins will contain plenty of vitamin B12, but it wont hurt for you to make sure you eat plenty of foods that contain high levels of B12 such as fortified breakfast cereals, mollusks, liver and fish.

When you are lactating, your body will pass some of the B12 to your baby through breast milk. Your body needs extra B12 for its own healing and regeneration post-partum, plus for your baby, so you'll want to make sure you're taking in extra B12 while you're nursing.

All of the B vitamins help aid with emotional health, so it can help to load up on vitamin B12 and other B vitamins if you're feeling depressed, especially if your depression is the listless, weak, fatigued and overwhelmed kind of depression. While B12 should never be considered a substitute for medical attention or therapy, you may find that the combination of B vitamin supplements and 30 minutes of exercise a day can really boost your mood.

Problems With Mental Alertness/Onset of Alzheimer's
If you are experiencing concerning memory loss or lack of mental sharpness, you may want to try eating a diet high in B12 or taking B12 supplements to see if this makes a difference. B12 supports nerve function and development, so taking B12 may help you feel more alert, focus better and have better access to memory retrieval.

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There are many vital Vitamin B12 benefits. Vitamin B12 is responsible for proper nerve function, healthy red blood cells and the formation of DNA. Deficiencies are rare, but vegans, individuals with digestive disorders and people over the age of 50 may benefit from oral supplements or injections to maintain proper levels.

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