Signs of Low Potassium

Are you concerned you show signs of low potassium? Are you confused about the role potassium plays in your overall health? Thinking about boosting your diet with some high potassium foods? Check your symptoms against this checklist of signs of low potassium, then consider eating more high-potassium foods or taking a potassium supplement.

Muscle Weakness
Your muscles may be weakened and unresponsive because potassium supports proper muscle function.

Emotional Instability and Mental Fatigue
Because potassium supports proper neuron firing, your mental awareness may be impaired and your ability to control your emotions limited when you are low in potassium.

Unexplained Exhaustion
Because potassium is one of the three key minerals making up electrolytes, you will feel weak and fatigued if you do not have enough potassium.

Heart Issues
Potassium supports heart health, including blood pressure. If you have a potassium deficiency, it may affect the health of your heart muscle.

Common Causes of Potassium Deficiency
You may develop a potassium deficiency if you do not take daily vitamins and you have problems with chronic diarrhea, you exercise excessively or you use diuretics. If you develop any of the symptoms listed above and you have been using diuretics or laxatives or have been exercising excessively, you may need to start taking potassium supplements or eating a high potassium diet. Most Americans who develop a potassium deficiency are dieters or athletes who are not eating enough food to counter their dieting or exercise habits. You may also see a problem if you consume an excessive amount of sodium-such as from soft drinks-and are exercising a great deal, because you will lose potassium when you sweat and will get too much sodium from your beverages, creating a sodium to potassium imbalance in your blood stream.

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