Why Potassium Is Important

If you're wondering why potassium is important, you'll be interested to discover the function of this member of the electrolyte mineral family. Potassium is important, especially in relation to sodium, because it aids in muscle, blood pressure and emotional well-being.

Muscle Function
Your muscles' ability to contract and release is directly linked to your body's potassium level. If you don't have enough potassium in your body, your muscles' ability to contract and release is hampered.

Nerve Function
Your nerves rely on the ability to transmit and receive signals for a variety of functions. Without adequate amounts of potassium, your nerve endings will not pick up signals properly, making if difficult for your body to function well.

Blood Pressure
Your potassium level will also affect your body's ability to regulate your blood pressure, putting you at risk for high blood pressure if your body is deficient.

Energy Level
Potassium aids your cells in storing and releasing carbohydrates as energy or fuel sources. If your potassium level is low, your energy level most likely is low also.

Electrolytes at Work
There are three minerals that work as electrolytes-transmitters of electricity-in your body. Potassium, chloride and sodium are these three electrolytes responsible for keeping our body functioning at optimal level.

The Sodium-Potassium Connection
The ratio of sodium to potassium in your body is key. If you have a high sodium level and a low potassium level, your body will lose more than its share of calcium through a process termed urinary calcium loss. This results in the premature thinning of bone density. If you have a healthy potassium-sodium ratio, your body will not leach away the calcium from your bones into your urine. Potassium is essential for calcium retention.

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