Quick List of Low Sodium Foods

If you want to cut back on your sodium, it pays to make a list of low sodium foods you can have on hand when you go shopping, out to eat or sit down to plan a meal. This way, you can stock up on some low sodium foods and can keep yourself as healthy as possible. There are many low sodium options available. The following are just some of the many foods from which you can choose if you want to keep your sodium levels low.

If you want to follow a low sodium diet, you should definitely stock up on raw fruits and vegetables. Chickpeas, broccoli, pears, peppers and bananas are just some of the many low sodium fruits and vegetables out there. These items are low in sodium, filling and are full of essentials nutrients. Similarly, raw nuts without salt are another great low sodium food. Walnuts and raw unsalted almonds are a great snack to have throughout the day.

Meat is often treated with high sodium ingredients, including salts and brines. You want to be careful when it comes to purchasing and investing in such meats. Smart choices to go with are unseasoned poultry and fish. Meats that are smoked are often high in sodium.

Sticking to a low sodium diet does not mean forgoing dessert for the rest of your life. Instead, try investing in gelatin varieties. Desserts like jello, pudding, fruit with whipped cream and marshmallows are low in sodium and incredibly satisfying.

You can season your food and keep your sodium levels down if you know which items to use. For example, instead of using salt, try seasoning your food with garlic, vinegar or honey: these items add a lot of flavor to food without increasing your sodium levels. Similarly, lemon juice and herbs are smart additions to any kitchen. 

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