Detox Diet Plan: One-Day Cleanse

When you consider a detox diet plan, you may think it has to take a long time for a detoxification program to work. While longer detox diets may be gentler on the body and more effective, you can still benefit from a one-day cleanse. Even a 24 hour detox diet cleanse can leave you feeling lighter, stronger, more focused and fresher, as if your insides have been recharged.

When preparing for a one day detox diet, you'll want to eat light and healthfully for the few days prior to beginning your detox program. You may want to follow a specially prescribed diet and program. There are several books on the subject and even programs that involve meal replacement plans and supplies.

When attempting a fast track detox diet, make sure you clear out your schedule for the entire day and prepare to be in a place where you can use the restroom often and can relax. A day to detox is a perfect opportunity for you to detox other parts of your life through journaling, napping, practicing yoga and meditating. It can be the right time to decide to make other healthy choices in your life such as changing your diet, making relationship decisions and lifestyle changes.

There are several one day detox diets circulating. Many involve specially prepared teas and detox drinks containing nutritious herbs, juices and vegetable extracts.  For instance, Ann Louise Gittleman has a Fast Track One-Day Detox Diet available for purchase which features her special Gittleman Juice.

The following are cleanses you can prepare at home.

The Lemon Juice Cleanse
Mix together eight ounces of filtered water, two tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon juice, one tablespoon of real maple syrup and a dash of cayenne pepper. Drink this concoction throughout the day as often as you crave it. Drink plenty of filtered water as well.

Cranberry/Wheatgrass Cleanse
Combine eight ounces of filtered water, one ounce of unsweetened cranberry juice, two teaspoons of green superfood mix such as Sweet Wheat wheatgrass powder and drink throughout the day. Drink plenty of filtered water in addition to this beverage.

Fresh Fruit Juice Cleanse
Borrow a juicer or go to a health foods store and purchase freshly squeezed juice. Drink only juice and filtered water for the entire day.

For best results, consult a book or program specializing in detox plans. Most people need support to complete a cleansing properly.

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