What to Eat on a Liver Cleansing Detox Diet

A liver cleansing detox diet is a special diet you follow to help detoxify your liver. The theory behind a liver cleansing is that your body needs help flushing out the excessive toxins a human consumes in an average day. By eating certain things and not eating others, you help boost your livers cleansing ability, flushing it squeaky clean.

Most liver cleansing diets start with a period of flushing, during which you go on a liquid or light fasting diet. You then move on to a high fiber diet with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables, often eaten raw.

Do Eat
Fresh, raw fruits and vegetables are the most important things you absolutely must eat on a liver cleansing diet. This means that you can consume nothing canned, frozen or packaged. You need to eat wholesome, raw food.

Raw fruits and vegetables should consist of at least 1/3 of your total daily food consumption for most liver cleansing diets. The hearty fiber, vitamins and minerals these products provide are essential to the cleansing process.

You need some healthy oils to help grease your liver and aid in cleansing. Healthy oils do not mean butter, but rather fish oil or oil from fresh nuts. Any food that is a fresh fruit or vegetable and contains healthy oil is a big bonus. This makes certain food, such as avocado, highly recommended for a liver cleansing diet.

Do Not Eat
Fat, salt and sugar are three enemies when you're on a liver cleansing diet. Any food that contains high amounts of these enemies should be avoided. This includes, but is not limited to, potato chips, candy, cookies and even most crackers. Bacon, fried chicken and cheese steak are also obvious foods to avoid.

A liver cleansing diet aims at cleaning your liver with nature. This means over-processed foods, such as white sugar or bleached flour, should be avoided. You want to stick with whole grains and natural sweeteners, such as honey. You also want to dramatically reduce your intake of antibiotics, preservatives or pesticides found in some foods. So stick with organic products whenever possible. 

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