Dangers of Water Fasting

If you are considering starting a water fasting diet, you may want to think twice. Living on water alone can lead to health problems.

Consider why you are going on a water fasting diet. If you are trying to lose some excess fat, you probably won't lose any real weight in the long run. Generally speaking, most of the weight that you lose during a short water fast diet is water weight. Therefore, you will gain the weight back as soon as you start eating again.

In addition, your body has built in mechanisms to protect itself against starvation. Your metabolism will start to slow down, so you will burn fewer calories. In addition, if you do not get any nutrients into your body, your body will eventually start to burn your muscles to stay alive, a highly undesirable state.

Over the first few days of water fasting, you will feel hungry. In addition, you may get headaches, sometimes severe ones. You can feel tired and listless. You can also get dizzy and faint. Ultimately, a water fasting diet could cause serious enough problems that you would have to be admitted into a hospital.

The bottom line is that get quick weight loss programs rarely work.

You would be better off lowering your calorie intake by eating a healthy, low fat diet and burning calories through a regular exercise program. You will also be more likely to keep a healthy weight over the long term by improving your eating and exercising habits.

If you absolutely insist on going on a water fasting diet, consult with your doctor before you start. Certain people should never try a water fasting diet, including women who are pregnant or those who have heart conditions. In addition, if you plan on going on this type of diet for more than a few days, you will want a physician to monitor your physical condition for your protection.

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