Eating a Diet for Fatty Liver

It's important to eat a diet for fatty liver if you hope to prevent additional accumulation of fat in your liver. Fatty liver disease is thought to be aggravated by obesity, uncontrolled diabetes, the influence of certain chemicals and medications and rapid weight loss through measures such as gastric bypass or excessive fasting. Therefore, if you have been diagnosed with fatty liver disease, you will want to do your best to either slowly lose weight or maintain a healthy weight by eating a healthy diet. You will also want to try to control your diabetes through your diet or prevent the onset of diabetes through your diet.

General Fatty Liver Diet Guidelines

  • Eat plenty of lean protein: You'll want to fill your plate with lean meats, beans, soy and seafood.
  • Enjoy vegetables: You can eat as many servings of vegetables as you like each day, as long as they are not drenched in butter, oils or dressings. Opt for fresh, local vegetables whenever possible. Aim to eat a salad a day, topped with a moderate amount of a salad dressing made with heart-healthy fats.
  • Add in legumes wherever you can: Throw in an extra can of kidney beans into that batch of chili; mix in some beans with your rice. Toss some black beans into that burrito.
  • Fill up on whole grains: Enjoy whole grains such as whole grain bread, brown rice and whole wheat pasta. Explore whole grains such as quinoa and bulgur wheat.
  • Use fruit to satisfy your sweet tooth: Instead of sugary sauces, treats and processed foods like hostess cakes or donuts, eat fruit as a dessert. Because fruit causes a spike in blood sugar, you -ll want to wean yourself off sugary foods so that fruit becomes your healthy choice for that sweet taste at the end of meal.
  • Use oils sparingly and with discretion: Choose only heart-healthy oils such as olive oil, and cook with fats and oils sparingly. Avoid saturated fat completely.
  • Avoid alcohol, sugar and high calorie foods: Limit your intake of sweets, junk food, sodas and alcoholic beverages such that they are occasional treats, not everyday indulgences.
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