Common Fatty Liver Symptoms

Fatty liver symptoms often go undetected until the damage to your liver is extensive, causing liver function problems. Fatty liver disease tends to only be detected early on when a person has many other health issues going on that happen to be linked to a fatty liver. Many people have a fatty liver but don't know it; they simply don't experience any symptoms and assume any complications they experience are related one another health issue. There are, however, three consistent fatty liver symptoms that may suggest the possibility of fatty liver disease.

Are you tired all the time? Do you find yourself relying on caffeine to get through the day? This symptom, which unfortunately can be attributed to many other health conditions, is a common fatty liver disease marker, along with other fatty liver symptoms.

Weight Loss
Ironically, most people with a fatty liver need to lose weight or have just deliberately lost weight to improve their health. This is why this symptom is usually not noticed. The causes of fatty liver disease are complicated, as it involves problems with the liver in breaking down fats and therefore collecting fatty deposits in your liver, which scars and impairs the function of your liver. This is often triggered by the following conditions: diabetes, obesity or rapid weight loss, the last of which is often linked to gastric bypass surgery, fasting or radical dieting. Because of this counter-intuitive relationship of these conditions and fatty liver disease, this symptom usually goes undetected.

Pain in Your Upper Right Abdomen
This is the symptom that brings people into the doctor's office and usually prompts an investigation into the possibility of fatty liver disease. Essentially, this is pain in your liver, something you've probably never experienced before. However, since the pain is usually dull and intermittent, many people do not think to mention it to their doctor. If you are experiencing pain in your upper right abdomen, mention it to your doctor and request a blood test, ultrasound, CT scan or MRI to make sure you don't have fatty liver disease.

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