Low Carb Snacks for On the Go

Low carbs snacks easily allow you to stick to your diet, even when on the go. If you always keep a healthy option in your handbag, desk drawer, car, backpack or tote, you'll be ready whenever hunger strikes. Don't blow your diet at the snack machine.

A handful of almonds, peanuts or even roasted soy nuts are easy low carb snacks to eat on the go.

Fat-Free Jello
Stock up on the single-serving snack packs for a treat that's free of fat, low in carbs and can curb your craving for something sweet.

String Cheese
Fun and easy to eat, this cheese is a good low carb diet snack option.

If you like beef jerky or pork rinds, these dried snacks are low in carbs. They're also a great choice for taking on the go and easy to find a gas stations and convenience stores if you're stopping for a snack.

Hard-Boiled Egg
Not always the easiest snack to take with you since you need to keep it cool, but if you bring it in an insulated tote it's an easy and protein-packed choice.

Keep low-calorie microwave packs in your desk drawer or bag or buy pre-popped corn on the go. This low carb snack has the added bonus of fiber so it'll keep you feeling full, too.

Peanut Butter
spread two tablespoons on a couple stalks of celery, half an apple or half a banana.

Low Carb Bars
If you're away from home and looking to grab a healthy choice at the convenience store, look for prepackaged snacks that are labeled low-carb. Beware, however, that these snacks are often filled with sugar substitutes and other additives that can wreak havoc on your digestive system. So only go for low carb snacks as a last resort. 

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When you follow low carb diet plans, you limit the amount and kind of carbohydrates you eat, while increasing your consumption of protein and fat.

If you keep a list of low carb foods handy, you'll be able to satisfy hunger pangs with smart food choices.

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