Weight Loss Benefits of Goji Berries

The benefits of goji berries are reportedly numberous for this bright red, sweet fruit of a plant that grows in Tibet and Mongolia. The goji plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and is extremely hardy. Adding its berries to your diet plan may not only help you lose weight, eating goji berries may be able to improve your overall health.

Benefits of Goji Berries
Five tablespoons of dried goji berries provide about 112 calories, 1.6 grams of fat and 24 grams of carbohydrates, three of which are dietary fiber. In addition, these berries include 1 gram of protein. Check each product for its statistics as individual dried goji berry products may vary in nutrition.

What do you get in addition to eating a low calorie, low fat fruit? You get a whopping amount of vitamin C, reportedly as much as 500 times the amount that you would get from oranges in an ounce to ounce comparison. In addition, goji berries have vitamin E and vitamins B 1, 2 and 6. Goji berries also include 18 amino acids.

There are many health claims for goji berries. These claims include preventing aging, increasing energy and strengthening the immune system. The berries include complex compounds, such as beta-sitoserol, which is thought to lower cholesterol, cyperone, which is said to help with blood pressure and solvetivone, which fights fungus and bacteria.

Goji berries help in weight loss by taking care of your sweet tooth while giving you more nutrients at a lower calorie and fat count than other types of sweets. Goji berries may also help you lose your craving for starches and junk food.

You are not just limited to dried goji berries. You can enjoy find goji juice, if you choose.

Goji Berry Health Claims
While goji berries have been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries, there have only been a limited numbers of scientific studies about the health benefits of eating goji berries. Therefore, the jury is still out as to the effectiveness of goji berries.

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