How To Use Celery Seed For Quick PMS Water Weight Loss

Are you suffering from pre-menstrual water weight? Suffering through that extra five to ten pounds that can mean the difference between snapping your jeans, and laying flat on your back to zip them while inhaling deeply? Consider using celery seed, a potent diuretic that can help your body release excess fluid and stop the bloat for quick weight loss.

How Does Celery Seed Work For Weight Loss?

Celery seed (apium graveolens) has health benefits as a diuretic. Diuretics cause weight loss by forcing the human body to shed excess water weight. In layman?'s terms, celery seed will cause you to urinate more frequently, thereby releasing the excess water weight that is showing up as pre-menstrual bloat. However, please note that celery seed weight loss will not be permanent. Diuretic induced weight loss only removes water weight, not fat stores. Another benefit to celery seed is that in addition to helping you shed those extra pounds that creep up around the time of your period, celery seed actually can stimulate uterine contractions. This means celery seed can help bring on menstruation, while shedding water weight pounds which can help you get over the PMS hump quicker.

How To Use Celery Seed For Weight Loss

Celery seed can be made into a tasty infusion with a mild flavor. A common doseage of celery seed for weight loss is to use one to two teaspoons of crushed celery seed per one cup of boiling water. The celery seed infusion for water weight loss should be steeped for approximately ten minutes. You want to strain the infusion before drinking. While ingesting the celery seeds will not harm you, straining makes drinking the diuretic celery seed infusion more pleasant.

Tips And Warnings For Using Celery Seed For Weight Loss

  • Only use celery seed infusions for weight loss under the supervision of your health care provider
  • Use organic celery seeds to avoid chemical pollution in your diuretic celery seed weight loss infusion
  • Increase celery seed infusion to two teaspoons if one teaspoon does not give you the desired water weight loss results
  •  Do not use celery seed infusions if you are pregnant or on blood pressure medications or prescription diuretics without physician approval
  • Use cheesecloth to create a tea bag for your crushed celery seed to avoid having to strain your weight loss infusion
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