Lipozene Facts

LipozeneR is a diet aid to help people lose weight. As it has been widely advertised on television and online, many people have tried this product. Some have been satisfied with their purchase and others have not been.

The price of Lipozene

Lipozene supplements are on the high end of the price scale. A bottle contains 60 capsules and costs $29.95. The recommended dosage for optimum results is six capsules a day, so one bottle only lasts 10 days. Figure that up and Lipozene costs nearly $90 a month.

The propaganda

Lipozene has been manufactured by the Obesity Research Institute for five years. They have done twelve clinical studies that give them the right to claim that this supplement will reduce body fat. One interesting claim is that 3/4 of each pound a person loses is pure fat.

The one thing that has been advertised is that the main ingredient of Lipozene is glucomannan. Glucomannan is a dietary fiber that is taken from the Konjac root that grows in southeast Asia. The Japanese have eaten it for years. It is said to lower blood lipids, triglycerides and cholesterol. The problem is that it can also cause diarrhea, which is often unhealthy in a weight loss program.

Glucomannan, when taken with a glass of water, changes into a jelly like substance in the stomach that is able to absorb twice its weight in water. This makes the person feel full, taking away the desire to eat. This supplement is said to trap sugar in the bowels, meaning that it won't be absorbed so quickly. At this point, a question is raised as to whether the body will be able to absorb necessary medications or nutrients with glucomannan in the stomach.

Special features

There are no stimulants in Lipozene. Stimulants in diet aids cause nervousness, irritability and jitters, and Lipozene does not cause these issues. This advantage is one of the things that make Lipozene popular among dieters.

As an appetite suppressor, Lipozene makes people feel like they have eaten more than they really have. Consequently, they eat less. Dieters who use this product do not experience that starving feeling or the hunger pains that they may experience with other diet and weight loss products.


The manufacturers of Lipozene claim they have twelve clinical studies that prove the effectiveness of this supplement. The problem is that there is no record of the results of these studies that can be seen by the average person, and none of these claims have been referenced. In spite of their claims, there is more negative customer feedback than there is positive.

Possible side effects

Because of the large amount of sugars that will remain unabsorbed in the bowel, an excess of gas will be present as the sugar ferments. In some users, there may be a lack of absorption of nutrients that can cause mineral and vitamin deficiencies. These pills must be taken with a sufficient amount of water when they are swallowed so they don't get stuck in the throat, absorb water and swell to the point of obstructing the airway.

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