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Losing unwanted weight can be a struggle. Some people say that simply ?"cutting back?" will produce great results. What exactly does this mean? Through determination, eating less, consuming healthier foods and beverages, and exercising, one will be on the way to successful weight loss and a healthier lifestyle. 

Before anyone can lose weight, they need the intent to lose weight and they need to be determined. It does not matter if someone is told to lose weight; the results will depend on how badly the person wants to lose weight. People need determination before they can achieve goals. This is where everything begins.

Eating less is one of the main aspects of losing weight. There are many different types of diets, but the healthiest diets are the ones that are based on low-calorie, low-fat foods. Why? Fat clogs arteries and raises cholesterol. Fried foods and fast food are the best examples of high-calorie, high-fat foods that should be avoided. Also, avoiding sugar and corn syrup can help in weight loss because they carry extra calories that may add on extra pounds. However, if you are faced with the decision of consuming either sugar or Splenda, (which is a low-calorie artificial sweetener,) then go with the real sugar because Splenda contains harmful ingredients that can cause even more health problems down the road.

Consuming healthier foods and beverages is another aspect of weight loss. Limiting and even eliminating certain foods from our diets and replacing those foods with healthier choices will increase the chances of success with weight loss. When your mom used to tell you to eat your vegetables because they were good for you, she was right. Not only do vegetables (and fruits) contain necessary vitamins and antioxidants, they also aid in weight loss. They have the least fat of literally ever food in creation, and usually have very few calories, depending on whether you are eating fruits or vegetables. 

Eating more fiber and whole grains is also helpful in losing weight. These foods, such as whole grain rice, whole wheat bread, and whole wheat noodles, are rich in nutrients and keep our appetites suppressed for longer periods of time. Also, drinking more water assists in the process of losing weight. This may add on water weight, but in the long run it cleanses the body of impurities and toxins and clears the complexion, not to mention that it has no calories. Also, a slice of lemon can be added; it is tasty, adds color, and purifies the liver.

Finally, exercise is a very important part of weight loss. Depending on the needs of each individual person, different types of exercise may be more beneficial. People who want to gain muscle mass should try weight lifting. Fewer repetitions with more weight will give you bigger, bulkier muscles and more repetitions with less weight will give you longer, leaner muscles. More repetitions with less weight is more for those who simply want toned muscles. For those people who just need to lose inches, cardio exercises are a good option. It may not be a good idea to start off running a mile, though. Starting with walking and then slowly progressing to speed walking can help ease the way to jogging and then running. If you like sports, that is a great start! There is hardly any sport that does not require movement.     

Determination, eating less, consuming healthier foods and beverages, and exercising are four very important parts of losing weight. With determination, we can ?"get going?" in the right direction; without it, there is really no way to succeed. Eating less not only shrinks the size of our stomachs but can expand the size of our wallets. Eating healthier foods and beverages fills us up ?"right.?" Also, exercising helps lose unwanted inches and tone muscles. If followed, these steps will lead to successful weight loss and a happier, healthier you.

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