List of STDs That May Not Show Symptoms

The following is a list of STDs that may not show symptoms and important STD information explaining why you should be concerned if you believe you may have been exposed to the STD. It's important to realize that your partner may not have realized he or she was carrying the STD, just as you may not realize you have contracted an STD.

One of the reasons STDs spread so easily is because most STDs can be asymptomatic. Many people do not realize they actually have an STD, so they unknowingly pass the STD onto another unsuspecting recipient. Some STDs may produce symptoms after a period of time, but do not always cause symptoms at first, even though you may already be contagious. An important part of STD prevention is annual STD testing, which  so you can be alerted if you are indeed infected. Early detection can help significantly in the treatment and prevention of serious health consequences.

This STD is caused by a bacteria infection. While it can cause painful urination, abdominal pain, unpleasant discharge from the vagina or penis, pain in the testicles and discomfort during intercourse in women, it is often symptomless. This insidious STD can cause infertility and scarring of the fallopian tubes.

While this disease almost always causes symptoms at some point, it may go undetected for months before those first symptoms appear. Symptoms include unpleasant discharge from the penis or vagina, painful urination, urgent urination and painful intercourse. This very contagious STD can cause infertility and pelvic inflammatory disease in women; it can also be passed from mother to child during childbirth.

Genital herpes
While herpes can show itself as painful bumps or lesions within days of contracting the disease, it can also be symptomless. Many women and men who contract herpes may only form the blisters inside the urethra or vagina where they may never see or detect the problem. Some people don't have any symptoms at all or may mistake the occasional blister as acne or irritation brought on by waxing or shaving. This STD is presently incurable, so while it does not cause serious medical complications aside from discomfort, except during childbirth for women as the disease can be transmitted to the baby during a vaginal birth if symptoms are present, it is an STD to be taken seriously.

This STD is often symptomless for the first few weeks to months, or the symptoms are so mild they go unnoticed. Because the initial symptoms mimic the common flu, it is rare for someone to suspect he or she has contracted AIDS before the more serious symptoms set in. This means this potentially fatal STD can be transmitted without the carrier suspecting he or she is passing it to a partner.

This disease can go undetected for weeks or months, but its long-term effects are very serious. Syphilis can cause neurological damage, stroke, cardio-vascular damage, deafness, blindness and death.

HPV (human papillovirus)
This is perhaps the least detected STD as it is often symptomless. Some strains of HPV can cause genital warts, but even these may be so small or located on the cervix where they may never be detected. HPV can be the precursor to cervical cancer.

To be safe, get an annual STD exam as a part of your medical self care routine. 

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