Make a Meditation Room

If you're considering taking up meditation, you may want to create a meditation room designated specifically for the purpose of focused, uninterrupted time spent in meditation. It doesn't need to be a big space. A walk-in closet serves the purpose as well as any other space. Look for a place where you can return often and be left alone to delve into the depths of your consciousness over and over without being disturbed.

Choose a room that is relatively soundproof. While it's fine to hear clocks ticking, road noise, nature or pets, it's best to find a room where you won't be distracted by the neighbor's conversations or the television. You'll want to choose a place big enough to sit comfortably, but cozy enough that you don't feel dwarfed. A sunroom, office, spare bedroom or walk-in closet are all good options. If you don't have a suitable room available, consider partitioning off a section of a larger room with a screen.

You'll want to invest in either a meditation chair or meditation cushions or pillows. This is because you have to prepare to sit for long periods of time, and things like meditation pillows (which should be firm but not too thick), can give you support so you can sit without the distraction of physical pain. You may also want to invest in an area rug to place under the pillow or cushions so you can sit on the floor with the pillow supporting your back or your backside and your legs resting comfortably on the rug, instead of cold tile, linoleum or hard wood floors. A yoga mat works well also, but some people find the stickiness distracting.

If you can, paint the walls a soothing color and hang drapes and items of spiritual significance on the walls for inspiration.

You may also want to set up an altar decorated with candles, totems, stones, crystals, photographs and items of significance. Lighting candles or incense at the start of each session can help you remain focused.

A set of meditation bells or a tape of chants can be helpful in guiding you during meditation. You may also want to invest in a set of mediation beads to help you remain focused during your sessions.

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Whether you go it alone, join a meditation group or work with a teacher, there are many benefits of meditation like helping reduce stress, lowering your blood pressure and improving your outlook on life.

The objective of Zen meditation is to quiet the mind and facilitate a deeper understanding of one's inner self.

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The effects of meditation on the mind are now, through recent studies, revealing that those who meditate really do have keener focus, better recall and even improved immunity against disease and depression.

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Zen Buddhism and Meditation Zen Buddhists place an emphasis on learning about the nature of human existence and learning to cope with it. It may be hard at times to live in this difficult world but Buddhists try to accept the world for what it is.
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