Open Eye Meditation Techniques

Open eye meditation techniques may sound counterintuitive, but it is actually a fabulous way to access your subconscious and higher levels of thinking in a very direct manner. While most meditation techniques require you to close your eyes in an effort to block out distractions, open eye meditation is achieved by meditating with your eyes open.

The key to open eye mediation is to set up two focus points for your two eyes to look at-separately. This means you will need to have your left eye focus on one object while your right eye focuses on another object. This is very difficult to do, so it keeps your conscious mind busy, making it possible for your subconscious to come to the forefront.

Some people like to listen to a guided meditation CD while practicing open eye meditation; others simply focus on their breathing or repeating a simple mantra. It's important to keep the process simple, since your mind is already being challenged by the difficult process of looking at two different items at once. Make sure you breathe evenly; be sure to blink normally. Try to relax and set a low expectation for your first few experiences. Make sure you are sitting in a comfortable meditation chair or are propped up on comfortable meditation pillows so you can relax, focus and let your mind drift where it will.

The result of this open eye meditation technique is a unique experience with your third eye, or deeper consciousness, which may see truths and epiphanies regarding your specific situation or self. These types of insights or enlightening experiences are often termed meeting your "time-traveling oversoul." Some people report feeling as though they have traveled through time or been on drugs; others report realizing important information or finally finding solutions to problems. 

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