Ninjitsu Meditation

Ninjitsu Meditation, also referred to as Ninjutsu meditation or zen meditation, is a form of training the mind to be alert and hyper-focused. This method differs from other meditation techniques, as it focuses on training your mind to focus in on one specific activity or thought with such intensity that all distractions are forgotten. Other forms of meditation allow the mind to lose consciousness of your surroundings altogether. This form of meditation is a form of discipline and training of the mind intended to help a ninja focus all of his energy on the task at hand, whether that be a martial arts move or conversation.

Ninjitsu meditation is one of the tenets in ninja training from ancient Japan and China. Today very few people practice ninja training or Ninjitsu meditation. However, one of the set of mudras used in traditional Ninjitsu meditation is still actively being taught today. You can watch a DVD or meditation tape to learn how to do the nine cutting fingers of Ninjitsu or you can learn from a ninja master.

The nine cutting fingers are actually nine finger movements or poses that are held while mediating or chanting; the movements promote the flow of chi through your body. The purpose of this chanting, meditation and holding of the mudras is to hone your mind so it is razor sharp, able to focus intensely.

Ninjitsu meditation is a form of mindfulness meditation used to produce a sense of inner peace, but also sharp and focused attention to the specific task at hand. It is said among Ninjitsu warriors that the mind must be focused before the body can properly perform. Many ninjas train in meditation for hours and hours, preparing the mind for the acts the body will later do.

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Whether you go it alone, join a meditation group or work with a teacher, there are many benefits of meditation like helping reduce stress, lowering your blood pressure and improving your outlook on life.

The objective of Zen meditation is to quiet the mind and facilitate a deeper understanding of one's inner self.

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The effects of meditation on the mind are now, through recent studies, revealing that those who meditate really do have keener focus, better recall and even improved immunity against disease and depression.

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Zen Buddhism and Meditation Zen Buddhists place an emphasis on learning about the nature of human existence and learning to cope with it. It may be hard at times to live in this difficult world but Buddhists try to accept the world for what it is.
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