Dahn Yoga

Dahn yoga is a new form of yoga founded by Ilchi Lee, a Korean yogi who teaches the mind and body must work together for optimal overall health. This form of yoga combines techniques from various martial arts practices, yoga and meditation techniques in an attempt to awaken the chi, to bring increased mental and emotional awareness. Ilchi Lee began his practice in 1985.

Dahn yoga begins with an assessment of your physical, emotional and energetic health and concludes with specific recommendations for your personal health improvement. Dahn yoga classes use specific stretching techniques designed to improve the flow of chi throughout the body, yoga and martial arts moves, and guided meditation. Classes are taught at various levels.

One of the most common complaints about the Dahn yoga system is how expensive the more advanced classes are, claiming the cost increases as you get more and more committed to the Dahn yoga health plan. However, many people claim to have seen reductions in blood pressure, fewer signs of depression, improved digestion and a reduction in chronic pain after practicing Dahn yoga for a few months.

Many of the exercises involve guided meditation, directing chi through the body to specific areas and parts of the body that need stimulation or healing. One of the teaching theories behind Dahn yoga is that by thinking about a part of your body being healed or awakened, the chi will flow to that area and stimulate healing. Another concept of the Dahn yoga health centers is the idea that by raising our consciousness, we gain the ability to reshape our lives, even our waistlines and academic achievements.

There is a lot of controversy swirling around Dahn yoga right now. Some people claim Dahn yoga centers are based in a cult, and others say the Dahn yoga centers have swindled people out of great sums of money, saying they can help solve health problems they were unable to solve. Still others claim to have derived great emotional and physical health benefits from practicing Dahn yoga. Dahn yoga recruitment groups are commonly found on college campuses. Opinions on these college yoga groups vary.

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Depending on the types of yoga classes you attend, you may be exposed to varying degrees of yogic philosophy and spirituality in addition to what appears to be a deceptively simple workout. Regardless of which type of yoga you practice, learning yoga basics will help to improve your physical, as well as mental self.

If you go on a weekend yoga retreat at an upscale spa, your experience will be much different than if you travel to India for a month-long yoga retreat vacation. 

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