Antiques Price Guides: What's Hot and What's Not

What is hot and what is not in antique price guides? I can tell you what we see in Southern California, keeping in mind that we do not carry large pieces of furniture:

  • Antique and collectible jewelry is HOT, HOT, HOT! Eisenberg, Eisenberg Ice, Bakelite and anything with green or blue crystals sells. Cool in a hot category: Jewelry with clear crystals.

  • Antique and collectible linens always sell.

  • Small antique and collectible side tables sell well.

  • Patio furniture made from glass and metal can jump out and run away almost immediately.

  • Antique and collectible salt and pepper shakers can sell well.

  • Antique and collectible toys, particularly trains and older mechanical toys, can move quickly.

  • Antique and collectible smalls of almost any kind move. Customers find them easy to carry, easy to display and easy to store. Smalls are a terrific sell in tourist areas because travelers can pack them easily for their trip home.

  • Antique and collectible Native American jewelry with turquoise sells consistently to a limited number of buyers. This category has been hot in the past and will probably be hot again.

  • Shabby Chic is slowly going away.

  • Antique and collectible weird stuff can go either way. For example, we sat on an old honey separator for months and sold a dictating machine from the 1940s 10 minutes after we put it on the floor.

  • Antique silver plate and silver are iffy. People want sterling for silver plate prices and silver plate, regardless of the age or beauty of the piece, highly discounted.

  • Antique and collectible glass is cool. It used to jump off of the shelves. Today, it is slowing down, particularly yellow glass, frosted glass and milk glass.

  • Antique and collectible pottery can be a slow sell unless you can find buyers who are interested in a particular artist or a particular genre. Hot in a slow sell: pottery marked "Occupied Japan" and Roseville.

  • Typewriters, regardless of the era, are dead in the water.

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