How to Make Native American Corn Husk Dolls

Learning how to make Native American corn husk dolls is a fun fall activity for kids and their parents. This is an easy, inexpensive craft project that you can do right at home.

The only materials you need to make corn husk dolls are the corn husks, scissors and raffia, which is a flexible twine, similar to hemp. All of these materials are available at craft stores.

To begin, soak the corn husks (you'll need about ten) in warm water for about five minutes. Soaking the husks will make them more pliable.

Next, layer four corn husks on top of each other, lining up the narrow ends. Tie a piece of raffia around the top of the husks and cut the remaining strings close to the knot. Then, turn the corn husks inside out and fold them up and over the knot. Do this slowly so as not to tear the husks. Tie a second piece of raffia around the top to create the doll's head.

Trim the bottom of the husks. For a boy doll, separate the husks in half and tie each off to create pant legs. For a girl doll, the bottom will be the hem of her dress.

Take a new husk and cut it into a rectangle. Then, roll the husk into a tight tube and tie each end with a piece of raffia. Put the tube horizontally between the body husks below the head.  Tie another piece of raffia below the tube, creating a waist and arms.

You can make hair for your corn husk doll using more raffia. The raffia can be braided or left loose and tied around the dolls neck to keep it in place.

Usually, the faces of corn husk dolls are left blank. If you're feeling creative, however, you can use markers to make eyes, mouths, ears and noses. You can also make accessories such as hats, aprons or jackets out of the remaining husks. 

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