Features to Look for in Collectible Dolls

When looking into the wide, wide world of collectible dolls, you may feel overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. Getting some tips on what to look for when examining dolls can smooth your way into collecting with intelligence.

Features in Collectible Dolls
Features to look for in collectible dolls depend, in part, on the material that was used to make the doll. For example, if you are looking at a bisque doll, a doll that has molded hair and eyes is a clue that the doll may be older. The eyes of more "modern" bisque dolls are not molded.

Speaking of "modern," many people like dolls that are being made today. The best advice when buying modern dolls can take you on one of two possible paths. First, if you are looking at manufactured dolls, go for limited edition dolls. The fewer that were made, the better it is for you as a collector. Second, buy dolls that are hand made by artists. These dolls are literally one-of-a-kind. Of course, you also want to examine the overall quality, durability and structure of the doll before you make a purchase.

If you are looking at used dolls, try to find dolls that include their original packaging. If the doll is a limited edition, having a certificate of authenticity can help increase the value of the doll. In addition, the condition of the doll should be as close to original as possible, keeping in mind that finding a very old, antique doll in mint condition can be quite challenging, if not impossible.

When looking at a doll that you can't identify, search for markings. These markings, which can be found on the back of the neck, on the body of the doll or on the feet, may indicate the doll's manufacturer. If the markings do not indicate a manufacturer, use a doll reference book to find what the markings mean. A doll that doesn't have markings isn't necessarily junk. It just means you will have to search reference books and hope to discover more facts about the doll.

Where to Find Collectible Dolls
You can find collectible dolls in a number of different places. For one, try looking in a collectible doll shop. You might do more than learn a few things at a doll shop; you may also meet the artist who created the dolls.

Don't forget the other options available to you in addition to shops. Search garage sales, online auctions, antique stores, thrift stores and estate sales. You also might enjoy attending a brick and mortar auction house if the auctioneer is offering dolls.

Having a collectible doll collection is not only a challenging hobby, collectible dolls may appreciate in value over time. Whether you are looking at your doll collection as a possible investment or just as something fun, it is important to love the type of dolls that you collect, because the values of your dolls will probably fluctuate over the years.

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