Collecting Collectible Toys

Collecting toys can bring out childlike enthusiasm in the collector. Many new collectors feel the urge to go out and buy willy-nilly. While part of the fun of collecting is the craziness that goes with the search and the thrill of buying a toy, planning ahead can be quite worthwhile.

Getting Started with Collectible Toys
There are many things to consider if you are starting a collection of either antique or collectible toys. First, what is your budget? How much money can you safely spend on collecting toys? If you can't devote the funds to buying high end toys right now, you have two choices. First, you can either buy one of those high end toys occasionally or you can switch to less expensive toys. You shouldn't put yourself into debt when collecting.

Another consideration is the storage and display space in your home. If your storage and display space is limited, you might not want to collect big, bulky toys. You might consider either smaller versions of those toys or switching your sights to another toy category.

Storage and display space is even more important if you have pets or small children. Your four legged companions and cherished children may look at your collection as, well, toys, and not objects of desire. You will have to be able to put your collection in a place that can be locked or where little hands and sharp teeth can't reach.

The more education that you have about collectible toys, the more likely you are to find a terrific deal. Getting some understanding of toy values before you really start to buy can also help you choose the type of toys to collect so that you will stay within your budget. Buy some reference books that contain values and information on toys. Investigate online stores to see what their selling prices are. Join a collector's club. Check online auctions and look at the opening bid requirements and what the prices were when the auctions closed. The more that you know, the better armed you will be.

Tips on Collectible Toys
Try to buy your toys in their original packaging. It's even better if the toys are in their original packaging and have never been opened.

When you can't get toys in their original packaging, their condition is of utmost importance. You want those toys to be as close to mint condition as they can be. Depending on the toy involved, this means lack of rust or wear, the parts being able to move as intended or dolls wearing original clothing.

As you start your collection, keep your toys out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Sun can really damage toys and packaging over time. Colors will fade and plastic can warp, leading to sad toys. 

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