Find Specific Antique Furniture Styles

If you are looking for specific types of antique furniture styles and periods, you have several options to explore. In the process of searching, compare prices and conditions before making a purchase.

Antique Furniture and Antique Stores
You don't necessarily have to explore each and every antique store in your area to find period pieces. You can save time by doing an online search and find antique stores that specialize in your given style. Simply type "antique furniture" and the county and state in which you live into your favorite search engine. You should get a list of websites for antique stores that carry furniture in your area. The websites will give you information about the styles and periods of furniture in which the store specializes. You can also give the stores a call to see if they have any stray pieces that fit your requirements. If you are able to develop a relationship with these stores, they may actually call you if they acquire furniture that they think may please you.

Auctions and Antique Furniture
You can find auction houses that specialize in antiques online or through your local newspapers. Sign up for these houses' mailing lists. While you might not find your furniture right away since every auction is different, the wait might be worth it. You may be able to save money over buying your furniture at an antique store, even if you are bidding against professionals. Remember that even though you have to pay taxes and antique dealers don't, you won't have to calculate inventory turns and profit margins into how much money that you are willing to bid.

Antique Flea Markets and Furniture
In order to help minimize the amount of time that you search flea markets for antiques, focus on flea markets that specialize in selling antique furniture. You have to enjoy walking and have patience when looking for furniture at antique flea markets. While you may run into dealers who specialize in specific types of furniture, you are much more likely to find dealers that either carry a variety of different types of furniture or occasionally carry furniture as part of their merchandise.

Antique Shows or Events and Furniture
Antique shows and events are different than antique flea markets in that antique shows can last for more than one day. In are more likely to be charged an admission fee, sometimes up to $20 or more, than if you were going to attend an antique flea market. However, antique shows can draw dealers not only from your home state, but from across the country, if not dealers from around the world, making antique shows a terrific venue to search for furniture. 

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