Contemporary Pottery-Ceramics by Michael Kennedy

Look for ceramics by Irish artist Michael Kennedy if you are looking for some interesting contemporary pottery.

Contemporary Irish pottery
Michael Kennedy is one of the leading contemporary ceramics artists in Ireland today. Kennedy combines motifs from traditional Irish folklore and mythology, the wild colors of the Irish landscape and a sense of humor to create distinctive pottery and ceramics ranging from tableware to lamps. Each piece has a "touch of the Irish" that sings.

Glazes on ceramics
While Kennedy is proficient in many types of glazes from traditional to Japanese Raku on his pottery, Kennedy has developed special results from using salt-firing and reduction red glazes.

Salt firing can be a tad tricky. In this process, common salt is added during the firing. As a result of the heat, the salt separates and recombines. This process results in hydrochloric acid, which is vented out of the kiln, and a combination of sodium from the salt and aluminum oxide and silica oxide from the clay to form an interesting glaze on the pottery. Care must be taken when dealing with hydrochloric acid, as it is toxic.

Reduction glazes are created by removing oxygen during part of the firing time.

Pottery locations
Michael Kennedy has two galleries in Ireland, one located in the Market Yard in Sligo and one located on Bolands Lane in Gort.

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