Stamp Collecting Groups and Events

A stamp collecting hobby is enhanced when the collector can share their collections with others who share like interests. Joining a philatelic society can help you gain knowledge, meet others, exchange stamps and make friends with other postage stamp collectors. Whether you are new to stamp collecting or a seasoned expert, joining a group and going to events for stamp collecting can help you grow your hobby in meaningful ways.

Why network?
Many stamp collecting clubs and groups have events that feature experts who teach about stamp history, the details of stamp collecting and determining stamp value. They can provide knowledge that you would not find on your own. When you have contacts with others who are into collecting stamps, you have opportunities to learn that you would not have otherwise.

What happens at stamp collector meetings?
Philatelic societies offer the chance for people to connect and share resources for where to find stamps for their collection. Sometimes members trade stamps in their collections, or they give each other ideas for where to find interesting stamps at good prices. Meeting others gives you a chance to share information and help each other grow your collections.

Where can I find a group to join?
If you are looking for a group or club for stamp collectors, check with your local post office for resources for stamp collecting societies. With a very complete listing of groups for stamp collectors, is also an excellent Web site for people worldwide to find societies to join.

What happens at meetings?
At stamp collection society meetings, members share their collections with each other, network and offer tips for preservation, display and finding stamps. Many times a scholar or speaker will come and share interesting information or rare stamps. Groups may also attend a stamp show together. Belonging to a group can be empowering and can connect you with a great group of people.

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