US Postage Stamp Collecting

US postage stamp collecting is a popular hobby. So, with a huge variety of stamps available, how do you know which are the best? Instead of trying to follow trends, you should collect what interests you.

Categories You Like
Do you want your collection to feature old us postage stamps? Or stamps that commemorate specific holidays? Commemorative stamps are released in limited quantities and discontinued after a year. So when it comes to those, the oldest issued are the most valuable, generally. But there are other ways to decide what goes into your collection.

Choose a number of topics or hobbies you like, and find the stamps that best represent those topics to you. For example, if you love art, you'll find plenty of stamps that feature artists' work, both modern and classic. If you love history, you'll find an endless supply of historical figures, events and sites depicted on stamps. If you love pop culture, many movie and music stars are featured on stamps. The best advice is to select categories you like, and find the stamps that appeal to you in each.

Within the categories you select, try to find as many different types of stamps as you can. This can include old or rare stamps, as well as those that feature your favorite subjects. Stamp clubs and stamp shows are great sources for finding special stamps. Also, you can connect with other collectors online to exchange or purchase stamps. Online auctions can be a good resource for adding many stamps to your collection, in bulk and in variety. The more variety, the more diverse and interesting your stamp collection will become.

Famous US Stamps
Of course, some US stamps have a legend attached. For example, the "Inverted Jenny," a 1918 stamp in which an airplane was printed upside down by accident is one of the most valuable. When it comes to commemorative stamps, Elvis is still the king, as the 1993 Elvis stamp remains one of the most popular. Other popular superstar stamps include those for Marilyn Monroe and Lucille Ball.

Quality Over Quantity
No matter which stamps you choose or how much you spend on them, it won't matter if you don't care for your stamps properly. Invest in a stamp album with acid-free paper, and use hinges or mounts to place your stamps in the album. Then, whenever you take a look at your stamp collection, you will always be proud of it.

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