Sarah Coventry Vintage Jewelry

Learn the history of Sarah Coventry jewlery and why it's still popular even today.

During World War II, women hit the workforce with a vengeance. There were jobs that needed to be filled, many critical to the war effort. Women stepped in and excelled.

Women after World War II
After the end of World War II, men came home to work. Women were fired so that veterans could get work to support their families. While some women were able to keep jobs in lower-paying fields such as clerical work or waitressing, many women went home to continue their careers as homemakers.

However there were still women who wanted the ability to make money within the confines of their families' schedules. A new industry was born for these women. Tupperware and Mary Kay Cosmetics allowed women to work part-time and sell to other women. Avon was using the famous "Avon Calling" advertisements by 1954. And there was Sarah Coventry jewelry.

Sarah Coventry Vintage Jewelry
Sarah Coventry, started in 1950, was named after Charles H. Stuart's granddaughter, Sarah Ann. Stuart had opened Sarah Coventry's sister company, Emmons Jewelers, Inc., during 1949. Both companies did not sell jewelry through department or jewelry stores. Their costume jewelry was sold direct to consumers via parties hosted by "Fashion Directors." Fashion directors could move up the ranks and become Unit Directors then, later, Area Managers, with the ultimate goal of becoming National Sales Manager if they chose that path.

Sarah Coventry costume jewelry became quite popular in its time because of the quality of the jewelry as well as the jewelry's designs. Interestingly, Sarah Coventry jewelry was not designed or manufactured in-house. All Sarah Coventry costume jewelry was made by other companies in Rhode Island.

As the popularity of Sarah Coventry increased, so did the visibility of its jewelry. For example, pieces of Sarah Coventry jewelry were awarded on the popular television show, "Queen for a Day." "Queen for a Day" ran between 1956-1964 and again from 1969-1970. Each contestant had gone through some difficult times and would explain to the audience why she should be Queen. An applause meter would determine which lady would win all of the prizes.

The popularity of costume jewelry started to decline during the 1970s, as did the sales of Sarah Coventry jewelry. The company was sold in 1984 and the jewelry parties stopped.

In the last few years, new Sarah Coventry jewelry has been sold on the Shopping Network and, again, through home parties. The pieces that you want are the vintage jewelry. Their beauty and quality still shine.

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When you begin collecting vintage jewelry, buy what you love, but favor the quality and condition of the piece in question over simply filling a space in your collection.

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Those involved in the Art Nouveau, or "new art," movement wanted to wrench art away from its classical forms and create a new type of outlook on art in its various formats. 

For those interested in obtaining beauty, and sometimes history, collecting jewelry provides many rewards. From antiques to modernized pieces, jewelry makes for a wonderful collectible.
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