How to Make Candle Rings

Do you know how to make candle rings? Candle rings will add to the beauty of your candles, whether the candles are homemade or store bought.

How to Make Candle Rings: Berry Rings

In order to make a berry candle ring, you will need red berries such as you buy at craft stores, floral tape, floral wire and scissors.

Separate the berries so that you have a single stem at the bottom of each "branch." Then, arrange the stems in groups of threes and tape each group together. Using the floral wire as a base, take one group and tape a second group below the first group's berries. Continue to add berry groups until the ring is large enough for your candle.

Bend the ring into a circle and tape the ends closed. You can move the berries in different directions until you get the look that you like.

You can also glue in other decorations should you choose. Try three cinnamon stick pieces grouped together for a visual accent. You can also underlay greenery, either real or imitation.

If the red berries don't appeal to you, explore other options at your craft store, such as grapes or other objects on bunched on strands.

How to Make Candle Rings: Fabric

If you are a crafter, you probably already have odds and ends of materials, buttons, yarn and ribbons. If you have cardboard, scissors and glue, you are good to go.

Cut out the size rings of your choice from the cardboard. Go to town decorating. Don't forget that you can built up layers of buttons, combine different fabrics and go wild with ribbons.

How to Make Candle Rings - Silk or Fresh Flowers

Cut a piece of wire twice the size of your candle ring. Loop the wire twice and twist the wire closed. Overlay flowers onto the wire and then tape them in place using floral tape. Trim as needed and arrange the flowers to cover the tape.

Remember when making your rings that the materials that you use may be quite flammable. Make the rings large enough so that you can easily place and remove over the candle. In other words, the ring shouldn't fit the candle snugly.

As a safety point, never leave the candles lit when you are not going to be in the room.

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