How to Make Dripless Candles

Knowing how to make dripless candles can help keep you from scraping wax out of your carpet or refinishing your dining room table.

Dripless Candle Treatment

If you have candles that can drip at home, don't despair. You can easily change them into dripless candles without a lot of fuss. Simply submerge the candles completely for 24 hours in salty water, with about one to one and one half teaspoons of salt for every cup of water used.

Your candles will emerge dripless, at least after the water dries.


How to Make a Dripless Candle: The Wick

If you are into making your candles from scratch, you can make your candle dripless by using the right sized wick. The trick is to have the wick large enough so that the wick absorbs all of the wax that is being burned.

Unfortunately, there are no equations that can lead you to exactly the right combination. It all depends on the type of wax that you use and your mold. The only way that you can perfect this is to experiment and test until you find the right combination.

How to Make a Dripless Candle: Overdipping

If you overdip a candle, the core of the candle will have a softer wax. This means that the inside of the candle will burn while the outside of the candle holds the melted wax. This can be done with both taper and pillar style candles.

In order to make this kind of candle, you will first have to make the core. The wax used for the core should have a melt point between 135 to 145 degrees, which covers most waxes used to make taper or pillar candles.


After the candle has cooled, you can overdip it in "overdip" or "hurricane wax." These waxes have melt points between 160 to 170 degrees. Alternatively, you can use a wax additive to increase the melt point of the wax that you are using.

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