How to Make Food Candles

Like candles? You are going to love learning how to make food candles. Not only are these candles fun to have and light at home, food candles make terrific gifts to friends and family.

How to Make Food Candles: Cupcakes

In order to make cupcakes, you will need wax, color additives, a muffin pan, three paper muffin cups per candle and a whisk.

Melt your wax in a double boiler and add the color of your choice. Remember that cupcakes can be chocolate, strawberry, yellow, white or any flavor that you can conceive of.

Put in your wick base and anchor the wick. Balance the wicks in place by wrapping the top of the wicks on top of popsicle sticks that you have placed over each muffin cup. Pour each color batch near to the tops of the papers in the muffin pans. Let the wax settle and then pour in a little more if needed. The papers will give the cupcakes a more realistic appearance when they are pealed away after your cupcakes have been "frosted" and cooled.

After your cupcakes have cooled, start to make the "frosting." Pastel colors look terrific. Let a color batch cool. When a skin forms over the top, grab your whisk and whisk away. Whisking adds air, giving this wax a lighter appearance. When the wax gets frothy, pour some over each cupcake using a spoon. Experiment with the amount of air that you add to the frosting. The more whisking, the more air, the fluffier the wax frosting will look.

If you would like, add scents to the different cupcake colors, such as vanilla or chocolate. In addition, you can substitute a birthday candle for a wick for a more festive appearance.

How to Make Food Candles: Hot Chocolate

For this project, you will need to have glass coffee mugs. Of course, these mugs can be decorated, but you will still need to be able to see the "chocolate" inside of the cup.

Melt your wax and add brown coloring. Don't forget to add a chocolate scent if you like.

Put your wick anchor and wick into the center of a clean mug. Pour in the "chocolate."

Next, it's time to make the whipped cream. Melt "clear" wax. After the wax has cooled to a point where it forms a skin, whip the wax on high with an electric mixer. When the wax looks like whipped cream, you have accomplished your task. This is going to take at least ten minutes or more.

Add the "whipped cream" around the wick, making sure that the wick stays centered. Use a fork to add finishing touches.

Just think of what you can do if you start to work with candle molds!

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