How to Make Handmade Mason Jar Candles

Handmade Mason jar candles can easily be made with paraffin wax, beeswax or soy based oil wax. They are perfect for homeowners who don't like candle smoke. With handmade jar candles you can extinguish a candle by simply replacing the lid. When the oxygen is used up the flame will go out. This will leave a soot smudge on the top of the lid, but it can easily be washed off in between uses.

Handmade Jar Candles
Using Mason or Ball canning jars is the perfect way to make a jar candle. If you don't have any jars lying around, you probably know someone who does. Simply wash the jar, lids and rings with hot soapy water and dry well before filling.

Make sure the jar is flawless. Cracks or scratches in the jar can cause the jar to break when you pour the hot wax into it, or when the candle is lit.

Wax should be heated to the melting point in a double-boiler and carefully poured into the jars. Handmade scented candles are a highly sought after commodity, so if fragrance and coloring are to be added to the candle, do so once the wax has melted. When a scent has been added it cannot be removed, so use scent sparingly. Stir to blend, but never stir vigorously-hot wax is very dangerous and can cause severe burns.

When adding color, do not use food coloring. Food coloring is a water-based product and candles are oil based-the two do not mix well. And while crayon wax is often used by crafters when making candles, it also is not recommended. The pigmentation in crayons can clog the wick, preventing the candle from burning smoothly.

As long as heat is not an issue, candles can be stored in a cool dry place for an indefinite amount of time, but dust accumulation can be a problem, so make sure your jar candles have lids on them.

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You'll want to be sure you follow these candle making tips to help keep you, your fingers and your candle making supplies safe from harm whether you've been making your own candles for a while or you're just beginning candle making as a hobby.

Learning how to make soy candles requires a little more work than other wax candles, but it's worth it because you can make these candles into any shape, add detail and they are completely hand-decorated.

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