Tips for Making Homemade Candles

Making your own homemade candles can be a joy. The satisfaction that you will get as you watch them twinkle at night more than makes up for any of the challenges of candle making.

Tips for Making Homemade Candles

When buying votives for your candles, look for tight fits. Your candles will burn better than the looser fitting votive candles that many candle companies offer at stores.

Cover your working area with newspaper. You may be dripping hot wax.

Make sure that you have everything that you need to complete your project at hand before you start to melt your wax. Melting wax, even in a double boiler, should never be left alone. While wax won't boil, it will catch on fire.

Don't try to melt your wax in your microwave. Micowaves heat unevenly. This can lead to splatters, a mess or even a fire. You really don't want a candle burning in your micro-nuker.

If your candles are stubborn and won't leave their molds, put them in the freezer for about ten minutes. They should then pop out more easily.

Keep your candles' wicks trimmed to about one quarter of an inch for best performances.

Would you like your candles to have a shinier appearance? Rub the outside of the candles with a piece of nylons, preferably ones that already have runs in them.

Don't rush the cooling process. If you force your candles to cool by putting them in the refrigerator or freezer, the candles may end up with cracks or bubbles on their surfaces.

Remember that you have to learn how to make candles. Making homemade candles is a skill as well as art. A lot of what you will be doing is experimenting until you get the right mix of wax, wick, color and scent. Don't be afraid to keep notes so that you can duplicate your successes and avoid your mistakes in the future.

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