Popular Art Clay Projects

Art Clay lets creators craft metal objects from a mixture of metal powder, binding agents and water. The moist malleable mixture can then be transformed into a 99.99 percent silver object in a design of your choice. The most popular Art Clay projects are typically the ones beginners are familiar with. Not only are these projects fairly easy to work on, but they are very useful.

An Art Clay project can use any available metal powder, such as gold, copper or silver. Silver projects are more worthwhile and they have a fine finish as well. The options are limitless, but there are some favorites. These include pendants, charms, earrings, brooches and rings. More advanced artists can make crochet chains, quilted silver beads and crystal earrings using metal clay.

Earrings are popular because of their utility and scope for creativity. Earrings can be made with Art Clay in combination with other materials. Such materials include wire, beads, fiber, crystal or pearls. Although making earrings is fairly easy, you need to be equipped with the right tools and materials. For example, a ball-peen hammer, activated-carbon granules, a small metal pan, olive oil, a burnishing brush and metal ear hooks are just some of the mandatory equipment and materials for earrings made with copper.

For pendants, a metal fork, templates, sandpaper, roller and a jeweler's file would be necessary -- in addition to the basic equipment. Artists can be very creative with pendants, using various designs and materials to enhance their products. Heart-shaped pendants are very popular because their templates are readily available and the heart-design is popular on its own.

There are several courses and books available on Art Clay projects. Such information usually starts with different levels. Beginners normally start with the popular and simple projects, before graduating to more intricate designs.

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