How to Draw a Flower With Stem and Leaves

Learning how to draw a flower with stem and leaves is easier than it sounds. Follow these simple instructions to draw a daisy:

1. Draw a large circle with a smaller one inside.

2. Draw a straight vertical line for the stem, coming out of the bottom of the large circle.

3. Draw two curved lines coming out of either side of the stem line for leaves.

4. Draw long upside-down "U"s from the center circle to the larger circle for petals. Try to draw about fifteen.

5. Add another, shorter layer of petals over the original petals. Try to overlap the petals so that the smaller ones cover the lines between the longer ones.

6. Add just the tips of a third layer of pedals behind the first pedals.

7. Make the stem thicker and fill out the shape of the leaves. Daisy leaves are slender and slightly pointed.

8. Color the center circle yellow. Color the daisy's petals white, pink, yellow or any other color you want. 

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