How to Draw Faces

You can learn how to draw faces even if you aren't particularly artistic.

How to Draw Faces
Most faces are oval or egg shaped. However, to start to learn how to draw a face, draw a circle instead. If you are uncomfortable drawing a circle initially, draw around a cup until you gain confidence.

After you have your circle, lightly pencil in two diameters, one from side to side and one from top to bottom, so that you have four equal quarters. The two lines should be at 90 degree angles to each other.

Next, you are going to take the first step towards making the circle an oval. Using a pencil, "cut" the sides of the circle/face as equally as possible. The amount that you cut isn't that important right now. The more that you cut, the longer and thinner the face will appear.

Now, you will start to set the proportions of the face. The horizontal line between the cut sides of the face will be the brow line, where your face's eyebrows will be drawn. Take a pencil and lightly draw a line from the brow line up about one-half to two-thirds up toward the top of the circle, which will be the hair line. Then, using the same distance that you used to designate the hairline, go down from the brow line to pencil in the nose line. The next line, the chin line, will be located outside of the circle. Draw the line the same distance below the nose line that you used to find the nose line and brow line.

Now, go back to the original circle and divide the circle into five vertical areas. Don't forget to pencil in lightly so that you can erase easily.

To place the eyes, go down a little from the brow line. The width of the left eye will be between the first and second vertical line and the width of the right eye will between the third and forth lines.

The width of the nose will be between the second and third lines. The nose line should be about half way between the brow line and the chin line.

The mouth line should be drawn about one-third down from the nose line to the chin line. The mouth will run from about the midpoint of the left eye to about the midpoint of the right eye.

You now have the rough draft for filling in a face. You can experiment and change the proportions as you learn with how to draw faces.

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