How to Draw Mickey Mouse

Wondering how to draw Mickey Mouse? Recreating one of the world's most beloved characters in your own notebook is easier than you might think.

1. Draw a fairly large circle for Mickey's head. Draw a straight line down the center of the circle and another across the center of the circle. These "guide lines" will help you to accurately position Mickey's features. You can erase them later before you color him in.

2. Draw Mickey's long, vertical eyes so that they are at equal distance from the vertical guide line and resting on top of the horizontal guide line.

3. Draw Mickey's oval nose centered beneath his eyes. Add a small arc over it, touching the bottom of his eyes.

4. Add a small chin at the bottom of the circle.

5. Draw Mickey's big, open-mouthed smile. Don't forget his tongue!

6. Add two circles on the top of his head for ears.

7. Draw the curved lines around his cheeks and eyes to create the shape of his face.

8. Erase the guide lines.

9. Color your Mickey with whatever colors you choose. If you want to stay with the traditional colors, his head, ears, eyes, nose and mouth are black. His face is beige and his tongue is pink.

If you want to draw Minnie Mouse too, follow the same steps. Then add big eyelashes to the top of the eyes and a large pink bow between the ears.

Always sketch lightly with a pencil first to make it easier to erase mistakes. Look at a picture of Mickey while you're drawing to help you out!

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