How to Draw with Pencils

        Drawing is a skill that develops over time. However, anyone (even those who feel they are incompetent) can compose beautiful drawings. What a person needs is to have determination, the proper tools and atmosphere, and time.

       First, one needs determination in the drawing process. A person can do anything if they set their mind on it. If they believe they can do it and practice, they will be amazed at what they can do!

       Second, one needs the proper tools in order to draw. This includes a variety of different values or shades of pencils. Also, a small carving knife comes in handy when sharpening the pencils because then the artist can get an assortment of tip styles to achieve different looks. Having two kinds of good erasers is also very important. A GUM eraser works best for erasing large spaces and a kneaded eraser works for erasing small spaces. Then of course there is the paper. Depending on the size of the drawing, one can purchase small pads or large pads and the recommended type of paper is a pad that is specifically for drawing.

       The best atmosphere for drawing is to have a flat surface and space for the utensils. Also, good lighting is important, the best being an overhead light and perhaps other surrounding light(s). Soft music can also help to create an atmosphere that helps make the drawing process more enjoyable.

       Finally, one needs to make time for drawing. If a person wants the result to be not just good but great, it will take not minutes but hours. This must be considered. However, the final result will not be a disappointment if the proper steps are taken and time is put into it. Yes, a person who has a knack for artistry will automatically be able to draw but anyone can do it if they simply try, try again!

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