The Art of Drawing

Drawing is done everywhere. Kids draw. Grown ups draw. Drawing has become a very popular activity. But there are many people that don't know how to but they really want to learn. And they practice. As always said, practice makes perfect.

Drawing is not to be copied. It is only a good drawing if it comes from your heart and is not copied. Many people are very good at drawing and go on to professional art like painting and designing. 

Sit down with a blank paper in front of you. Draw the first thing you think of. It may not be very good if it's your first time. But keep drawing. After a while, You will find what you are very good at. Keep drawing that same thing until you get very good at it. When you have mastered that drawing, you start again with the first thing that comes to mind and keep drawing it until you become awesome at drawing that specific thing. If you keep at this for a long time, you will become great at drawing.

But some people don't draw at the right times. During classes, students get bored and try to think of ways to entertain themselves. A very common one is doodling. If they doodle during class, they are at risk of their drawing getting thrown in the trash and their beautiful art not being seen by others. Even so, at least only one person has seen their art and liked it (not all the time), themselves.

Today, art is very appreciated around the world. Some famous styles of art are abstract, still life, naturalistic, and much more. Abstract art is art were you can't really see the picture that the artist was going for but is sort of mixed around. Abstract art is appreciated because people enjoy trying to figure out the original picture that was supposed to be drawn. still life is a style where the art that is being made is not moving and cannot move unless forced to. For example: a bowl of fruits, it is still and can only be moved by being picked up. Naturalistic art is art that is from nature, like a tree of an animal. These are not the only styles of art. There are many more that you can experiment with. 

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