Making Polymer Clay Dogs

If polymer clay is not conditioned, making polymer clay animals like dogs or any figurine can be difficult. To avoid disaster, work the clay in your hands until it warms up and becomes pliable.

Because of the variations you can create with polymer clay, it can become a favorite crafting item. Just remember that polymer clay has the potential to be dangerous. Follow all safety precautions.

Polymer Clay Dogs

Ingredients You Will Need:

  • Polymer clay in colors such as: tan, white, black, brown and grey
  • Sculpting utensils

Gather together toothpicks, a small spoon, a small stiff toothbrush and a sculpting knife. Oh, and a dog mold, of course. If you are making more than one dog, having a mold will make the work go a lot more quickly and easily.

Press the clay into the mold until all crevices have been filled. Carefully remove the dogs and add any details you might like. If you want the dog's coat to be a little shaggy, use the utensils to add a shaggy look. If you want the dog to have a smooth shiny coat, you may want to stroke the body gently with the inside of a small spoon to even out any lumps and bumps.

If the dogs are to be attached to a picture frame or light switch, it's best to use one-dimensional figurines. Any time you need to attach an object to a background, make sure that you create a crisscross design on the back of the object also on the background where the item will be attached. Then gently press the object in place.

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