How to Make Ice Sculptures

Learn how to make ice sculptures and you'll be able to create beautiful works of art. Turning blocks of ice into sculptures replete with color, lights and intricate details is not as difficult as it seems (though getting a block of ice to look exactly like the White House can take more skill than the average person may possess). In fact, you could make an ice sculpture at home.

Depending on the size of the ice sculpture you want to make, your tools will vary. If you are aiming for a simple winter project for you and your kids, consider making a smaller ice sculpture. You can do this using water, salt and simple kitchen tools. A day or two before you plan on making the ice sculptures, freeze water into blocks or molds. Then, using the salt and water, shape the ice. You can use water to melt away ice and the salt will adhere pieces of ice to each other. As you can imagine, it's difficult to get too detailed with this type of ice sculpture, but it's a good place to start.

If you want to go all out and make the type of ice sculpture you may see around the holidays, you'll need a chainsaw, grinder, Percival, ice pick and heat gun. You'll definitely want to wear gloves while making an ice sculpture, but it's also a good idea to wear boots too, especially if you're working with a larger piece of ice. You should definitely wear safety goggles so that you don't injure an eye because of shards of ice.

To get the ice sculptures to be completely clear, you have to purify water then boil it several times. It is water without air bubbles that produces crystal-clear ice sculptures. You can buy this from specialty suppliers. If you don't mind whether the sculpture is clear or cloudy, you can use regular ice.

As with any type of sculpture, it's a good idea to have a drawing of what you're going to do first. This will help you with the execution of an idea you may have in your mind. Using the drawing as a map of what you'll do, saw and form the ice into the shape you want it to be.

Feel free to be creative with your ice sculptures. You can use food coloring, added objects and glitter to enhance your sculptures.

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