Cut Paper Sculpture Ideas

Cut paper sculpture  range from simple origami birds to large, extremely detailed castles. The range of sculptures you can create with paper is wide. That, combined with the material's cost-effectiveness, has many people turning to paper as a medium for sculpture.

A really simple idea is to make an abstract piece of art. You can do this using any type of paper you wish and a pair of scissors. Simply cut paper into various shapes and sizes, then add small slits so that you can slide the paper into each other. The sturdier the paper the stronger your sculpture will be.

Another uncomplicated paper sculpture is the paper plane. Kids have been making paper planes for years, using them as toys and tossing them at each other in classrooms. At the same time, there is room for real art when designing a paper plane. Experiment with color and decoration to make your paper plane more than just a tool to annoy substitute teachers.

Origami is a form of paper sculpture that can be relatively easy or extremely complicated. Origami birds are a good starting point for those just becoming interested in paper sculpture.

Another relatively simple paper sculpture idea is to create a house. This can be done with simple folding, cutting and taping. You can get creative with materials and color. Scrapbooking scissors, with their various shapes, can add a little flair to your creations. If you enjoy building the house you could go on to create an entire paper village, complete with paper trees, mailboxes and fire hydrants.

A paper castle is definitely more advanced, but worth the effort. Before you launch yourself into building a paper castle, draw your design on a separate piece of paper. This will help you to create what you see in your mind.

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