Billiards and Pool Shooting Tips

Pool shooting tips can really help you improve your game. They can also surprise your friends and family by drastically changing your playing style. No tips are a replacement for practice, but together with a little determination, these pool shooting tips will have you making amazing shots in no time.

Ready, Aim, Fire
Take your time. Winning at billiards isn't a speed contest, and you'll set yourself up in a much better position for winning if you take your time and plan your shots carefully. The most important thing to remember, even when you have the best strategy in the world is to always aim. Aim every single shot. Many people who play billiards never learn how to aim properly, or play so frequently that they don't aim common shots. Failure to aim can be a game-killer.

Follow Through
To shoot pool well, you must follow through on your shots. Follow through consists of pushing pool cues straight through when you take a shot. Many people jerk the cue to an abrupt stop once they hit the cue ball or lift their cue into the air. Failure to follow through can actually make the cue ball turn around and come back or behave erratically.

Don't Use too Much Force
Don't hit the cue ball too hard. When you use too much force, the ball can curve off to one side or another, or it may rebound and interfere with other shots. Only use as much force as you'll need to take the shot, and you won't have too much trouble with the cue ball behaving unpredictably.

Learn and Practice a Few Basic Shots
In billiards, several basic techniques determine how the cue ball behaves during and after a shot. Plain shots cause the cue ball to follow the target ball. Adding English, or spin, will send the cue ball in a different direction. A draw is backspin that causes the cue ball to turn around and come back toward you.

One of the best things you can do for your game is to learn these basic shots. Study how a cue ball behaves when you hit it in certain ways. Scratching and fouling are two of the worst ways to lose a billiards game; learning basic shots can save you from this horrible fate.

Use the Diamonds to Line Up Shots
Most billiards tables have diamonds painted or inlaid around the edge. Many novice pool players don't realize that the diamonds are actually an aiming system that can help you drastically improve your pool game.

The diamonds are there to give you a visual reference to help you determine your angle of attack. If you aim at a diamond from a 45-degree angle, the cue ball hits the rail and rebounds at a 45-degree angle in the opposite direction; meaning the cue ball actually ends up traveling in a right angle. If you want to see the diamond system really broken down, look for billiards books that explain it in a comprehensive manner.

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