How to Win at the Game of Life

The Game of Life gives players a choice of which path to take in life, and depending on choices a player makes, he may end up kicking back in Millionaire Acres or living on the Poor Farm. Can you use strategy to win this Hasbro creation? Or does luck have anything to do with winning at Life?

Different versions of the game exist, but the concept of the game remains the same. Players progress though life and acquire or lose wealth.

Get a Job
At the beginning of the game, players decide which route to take. If players choose the Business or Career route, the salary earned is lower than any job from the College route. Choose carefully as this will determine your pay day salary.

Plan Life Events
Milestone events, including marriage and children, means players collect presents from opponents. Luck plays a role since the number you hit when spinning the wheel determines the amount you receive.

Insure Your Future and Stock Up
Purchase insurance, if you land on the corresponding space. Otherwise, landing on a hazard and being unprotected will result in a hefty fine. The benefit to insurance is that certain spaces award dividends if you land on one of them.
A stock certificate requires a $50,000 investment. Certain spaces require a stock certificate for a payout.

Wish for Luck
Lucky Day spaces earn an instant payment of $20,000. Players have two options: keep the money or gamble it for the opportunity to turn it into $300,000. Gambling is the preferable choice. The odds of winning are 5:1.

Retire Wisely
If you believe you have the most money, you may retire to Millionaire Acres. In some cases, depending on the number of players, it might be advantageous to gamble to be named the millionaire tycoon. This move, if played successfully, wins the game.

Winning at the Game of Life requires a bit more than luck. Strategy and financial planning will help you succeed and live a lifestyle of the rich and famous.

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