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PlayStation 3 games are new and improved, with realistic features, voices, backgrounds you name it. Don?'t forget about setting up your PS3 to be on the PlayStation network. Signing up is free and when you do sign up you can play against other gamers across the world and also chat with them as well and talk if you have Blue-tooth that is available for the PS3.
3 top sport games out right now are:

WWE Raw vs. Smackdown-it's a lot better this time around and now there is training on the game to learn even has more for the female gamers out there but ladies sorry to say, still can't take your created person to wrestle mania but you can do a story line of Mickey James at wrestle mania which is a step up from last year. Now being able to create your own story line, but know actual talking there is for making a created male wrestler you can make your own wrestle mania story line and chose from choices of voices to give your wrestler a voice. Overall if you liked the last Raw vs. Smackdown you will love this one. If you?'re connected to the Internet on PS3 network you can make up your own matches to go up against anyone.

NBA 2K10-This game is awesome and the graphics are great. It's like watching a real NBA game and the players really look realistic. You can be the coach chose who you want to trade or keep and control how much the players get paid.    
Don't forget to create yourself in the game chose your weight, height, face, hair and control your temper to what you're good at. Make your player be perfect at everything or just at dunking or whatever you like. Also you have music that plays with a t-mobile sidekick that comes up when you have a message from recruiting and such.

NCAA Basketball 10-Always wishes you had gone through college as a basketball player well now you can. With this game you can chose your favorite college basketball team and create yourself to play on that team. Some of the features are the crowd they make it seem like you're really at a college game and the mascots are great dancing at the side lines. When each player goes up to the line to take a free throw there name year of college and major comes up.

With these 3 games any sports game lover would enjoy.    

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