Strategy for the game of Risk

     Though the game of Risk has been around for a long time, there are a number of different ways to go about winning you might not be familiar with.  Below are three of the most common, along with helpful tips for better results in battle.


     Aggressive players tend to have the most dynamic games: they either win quickly or they lose quickly.  An aggressive player will sacrifice safety and security in order to break up another player's continent bonus, or even try to eliminate a player in order to acquire his or her reinforcement cards.  If this is a play style that interests you, consider trying to take and hold the continent of Europe.  The reinforcement bonus is good, and because it's centrally located, players stationed here will easily be able to reach almost any other space on the board they're interested in attacking.  If you like to take big chances and go for all the glory, the aggressive play style might be for you.


     Defensive players will generally play it safe by choosing not to attack but rather build up walls of soldiers to protect whatever land they may have been able to claim.  The advantage for the defensive player is that he or she will likely be receiving some sort of continental reinforcement bonus each round.  These bonuses can and often do make all the difference in a game, especially a longer one.  The trade off however is that because you're frequently getting reinforcements, other players will have a strong incentive to attack you and break up your territory.  South America and Australia are the best continents for a defensive player as they have the fewest number border territories and are therefore easier to defend.  If you're the kind of player that likes to sit back and watch the game from a distance, influencing players more with diplomacy than force, than you're probably best suited to defensively play.

Wild Card

     This player has a completely different strategy than either of the previous two.  Instead of trying to capture and hold continents, the wild card player's main mission is to eliminate weaker players and take their reinforcement cards.  The strategy is simple: amass every single available soldier, from the very beginning of the game through the first few rounds, in the Middle East territory.  If this spot is occupied by another player, attack and claim it.  If they have a large force there themselves, a surrounding territory will work almost as well.  With the exception of attacking and claiming a new territory once per turn in order to acquire a reinforcement card, you'll want to keep your army in one big clump in a central territory.  Then, as soon as a large battle between opponents somewhere on the map has left a player weak, you swoop in and attack them with everything you've got.  Chances are that because you won't have been attacked much throughout the game (why would someone attack a big army on one worthless territory?) your army will be largest and you'll win, eliminating them and taking their cards.  These reinforcement cards are always valuable.  In some versions of the game, cards increase in value indefinitely and so are immensely useful after several rounds.


     Though the game of Risk revolves around armies and battles, diplomacy can be an equally powerful weapon no matter your personal play style.  Befriend your neighbor and work together to destroy other players.  After all, two armies are better than one.  Just remember to never be too trusting... 

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