Catch a Card Cheat: Three Tricks Cheaters Use to Win at Cards

If you are a frequent card player, it is important to know how to catch a cheating opponent. Knowing some of the most common cheating methods can help you to guard your hand from wandering eyes and sleight of hand card tricks.

The Marked Deck

Cards can be "marked" by the cheating player in order to distinguish them from the rest of the deck without looking at them.  Marked cards, also called "readers," are usually the highest cards in the deck. Cheaters mark cards by bending a corner, tearing a side or pressing a fingernail into the cardstock.  

To keep a player from using marked cards, be sure to keep the deck in one clean pile instead of spread across the table. If the cards are spread out, it is easier for the cheater to see the marks that he has made on the card.

The False Shuffle

A second cheating method is the false shuffle. The cheating player will shuffle the cards into a desirable order or pretend to shuffle a pre-arranged deck. To avoid this, take turns shuffling the deck and dealing, and always cut the cards.

Partner Cheating

There may be more than one cheater at your card table. Sometimes, cheaters will use a partner in order to gain more information about the other players' cards. Watch out for players using silent communication such as sign language, nodding or blinking.

Defend Yourself

Don't forget to stay on the defense, too. Protect your cards by sitting with your back to the wall, to make sure nobody can see them. Check for markings and suggest using a brand new deck if you think you're playing with a marked deck. If you think someone is cheating, simply excuse yourself from the game.

Whether you're playing with your friends or at a casino, card games can be a great time. But if there's money on the line, don't play with cheaters!

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